May 10, 2024

From 86 Rejections to College Records

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From Venezuela to Western Kentucky: the journey of an exceptional tennis player towards her dream university! Today we tell you the story of Samantha Martinez, an exceptional student, and athlete who, despite facing obstacles and an overwhelming number of rejections in her college search process, managed to overcome all adversities and achieve her goal. Join us through her journey and discover how her perseverance and determination led her to break records at Western Kentucky University and shine both on the tennis court and in the classroom.

Working alongside Samantha Martinez in her college search process was a unique and exciting experience. From the beginning, we knew we were working with an outstanding student who had proven her worth as a tennis player in Venezuela. However, like many other students, her path to college was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Samantha had been preparing to compete in sports events and showcase her skills on the tennis court to impress college coaches in the United States. But due to the pandemic, her plans were disrupted, and her college search process became even more complicated.

The toughest part for Samantha was the feeling of not having control over external factors and the frustration of being unable to showcase all her potential to college coaches. Despite being an exceptional and talented student in tennis, she only received one offer from a Division 2 university after being rejected by 86 institutions. This process could have been discouraging for anyone, but she maintained a positive attitude and was determined to find a university that met her expectations and needs. She and her family never lost hope and remained steadfast in their search.

She worked hard to find a university that suited her needs and goals. We witnessed her perseverance and dedication and she never gave up on finding the right university for her. Finally, after many conversations and thorough evaluations, we found the perfect university for Samantha. A university that met all her requirements and goals, and that offered her the opportunity to excel both academically and athletically.

At Western Kentucky University, an NCAA D1 university where she achieved a full scholarship, she has broken the record for most doubles victories in the university. We congratulate Samantha for her perseverance and success. She is a great example of how, with the right support and the right attitude, obstacles can be overcome and success can be achieved. We are excited to see what the future holds for her, and we are sure she will continue to shine in everything she does.

Today, we are proud to say that Samantha has been able to overcome obstacles and shine in her new college home. Not only has she demonstrated her skills on the tennis court, but she has also achieved excellent academic performance. She is a true example of perseverance and dedication, and we are excited to see all she will achieve in the future.

At USP We believe in college education and we are here to help students find the right University. Our guidance helps families navigate the overwhelming process of college selection, recruitment, and admissions.

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Oscar Miranda
Chief Business Officer (USP)

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