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Roster Spots Are So Competitive!

Being admitted into college can be difficult but nothing compares to the challenge of being recruited as an athlete. You probably know the feeling:

  • Do you feel as if you won’t stand out from other athletes?
  • Are you afraid you won’t be rewarded for your years of sacrifice?
  • Have you been promised easy scholarships by salespeople you don’t trust?
  • Do you worry your dream school won’t have a spot available for you?

Your college commitment as a student-athlete will be one of the most important decisions in your life. You shouldn’t settle for just any college.

Wouldn't it be great to be sure you're making the right choice?

With our guidance, families are able to better navigate the overwhelming process of athletic college recruitment.
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We exist to guide students on their transformational journey, secure their future, and see them thrive.

Gabriel Palacios

University of Utah

Alexandra O’Brien

University Of Massachusetts-Amherst

Santiago Navarro

Rice University

Marco Guarente

University of Florida

Nicole Isman

Bryant University

Juan Pablo Lua

Virginia Tech

Fiorella Duran

Saint Louis University

Gianluca Bocanegra

Kenyon College

Diana Pujals

New York University

Maria Olivia Castedo

University of Notre Dame

Ariana Rodriguez

Deninson University

Viviana Gomez

Young Harris College

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The University Sports Program Curriculum

Overcome your fear of rejection, and let us guide you to your dream university

About you

Establish what is important for you. Discover where you are today as a prospective college student and where you see yourself in the future.

Your Academic Profile

This is the key starting point to help you know where you stand today as a prospective college student, which will help you to eventually select the right college and also create a good plan for your future development and growth.

Your Plan

Here we will develop effective and strategic planning on what and how to be well-prepared for college applications.

College Entrance Exams

Understand which standardized tests are needed for college admission and which are right for you.

College Financials

The total cost of attending college includes a number of items, including some that you may not expect.

Your College List

Finding the best college for you starts with building a college list. Here you will learn what is most important and how to maximize all the resources you have at your disposal.

College Application

Here you will learn the fundamentals of college applications and admission requirements.

Your Decision

Now that you have narrowed down your college list and sent in your applications, it’s time for you to make pending college visits, compare schools, and prepare to make a final decision.

College and Beyond

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the university of your choice. The hard work of college prep has finally paid off!


Read what they are saying about us.
They are a group of excellent professionals with great capacity to accompany the athletes in the recruiting process.
Carlos Chavarria
Auburn, Mercer, and Oklahoma University
Estuvimos muy confiados que iban a colocar a mi hija en el sitio ideal porque sentimos la seguridad y profesionalismo en lo que hacían.
Anita De Faria
Mother of Maria Linares
We had the opportunity to work with USP and the entire team is very Professional and passionate about their job! They go above and beyond the service contracted and their Interest is to help the athlete and the family to find the best option for them.
Peangelo Miranda
Father of Minorka Miranda
I am very thankful for the support USP provided me.I can assure that USP’s services guarantee the best outcome for college placement.
Sofia Ayuso
Bucknell University
I want to say good job for always trying to help the kids and coaches.Priscilla had such a great result attending the Showcase (2019). So many offers and interest especially after winning the MVP at the showcase I’m so thankful to her coach who took her to Miami and big thank you to your team for holding such a great event for young players.
Priscilla Stojanovska
USP Showcase 2019
I am very thankful for the support USP provided me
Sofia Ayuso
Bucknell University

Go from confused and without direction to successful and admired.

Beyond college, we are determined to help our students find the best version of themselves and achieve their highest potential.
When our students complete the program, they will not only be prepared to begin their college education, but they will also be equipped to navigate the transition of leaving home and possess all the necessary tools to succeed in the job market, enabling them to become independent professionals.
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